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Friday, 10 August 2018

Is Hip Hop Negatively Affecting Nigerian Culture?

Culture evolves it’s not static and that evolving is not linked to one factor

The same argument you are trying to bring was attempted in the US
Attributing the rise of Black on Black crime on hip-hop, the raise of blacks using drugs, high numbers of blacks in prisons.

Hip-hop is not just about music it’s a movement that tells the story of the journey the black man and woman have travelled, their triumphs, struggles and success. Blaming erosion of Nigerian culture on hip-hop is an easy cope out. Nigerians are to blame for what’s happening to their culture.
There are Nigerian kids with two Nigerian parents who cannot speak their mother tongue all in the name of advancement.
Yet you will never find a Chinese, Indian, Pakistani or Japanese kid inept in that dept regardless of how wealthy the parents are.

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